Posted by on Jul 6, 2017 in Design, illustration, My Design


Super honored to have been asked to assist OMSI in the branding of their newest exhibit “Under the Arctic, Digging into Permafrost“; dusting off the ol’ illustration skills, always a pleasure. This is a traveling exhibit set to go to many museums around the nation. Already it has a super cool replica permafrost tunnel ready to walk through, touch and smell, a neat lab set-up for the kids to learn about permafrost, and lots of awesome inter-actives.

The exhibit focuses on Alaska where permafrost is creating some very real effects now with dislodged communities hailed as the “first climate refugees” (, due to the melting of this very old and very cold underground ice. Not to be confused with glaciers. The real tunnel is in Fairbanks, Alaska where scientists take tours through to see real life mammoth tusks, and ancient squirrel nests caught trapped in the ice. It is also, where they are studying the permafrost for its secrets and learning more about this very old and cold ice that we are loosing very fast.

In addition to the logo, I was honored to illustrate many of the inter-actives and diagrams used throughout the exhibit. I have to say I am pretty excited to see it come to life. I really think it will be a fun exhibit with a whack-a-mole like game where you whack Carbon instead of the traditional moles, and an Engineering challenge that I think will look so fun with sinking earth. Hopefully in all the fun we may take a moment to think, and consider if we can do something to help too. Enjoy